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On Saturday morning, 1 June, more than 100 children aged between 2 – 5 years old from Cylchoedd Meithrin (Welsh-medium playgroups) in the Cardiff and Vale area starred in the Pasiant Meithrin (Nursery Musical) hosted by Mudiad Meithrin at the Wales Millennium Centre as part of the Urdd National Eisteddfod in Cardiff Bay.

Mudiad Meithrin was responsible for coordinating the Pasiant Meithrin, which this year was called ‘‘Dathlu gyda Dewin, Doti a Heini’ (which translated means ‘Celebrating with Dewin, Doti and Heini!’)

Iola Jones, Head of Partnerships and Communications for Mudiad Meithrin, said: “Because Dewin and Doti are celebrating their 10th birthdays, ‘Dathlu (Celebrating)’ is the theme that pervades all our activities this year! The celebrations started with Parti Piws Mwyaf y Byd (The World’s Biggest Purple Party) on 10 April when 12,856 people took part by wearing purple on that day. Consequently the musical’s title was ‘Dathlu gyda Dewin, Doti a Heini’ (Celebrating with Dewin, Doti and Heini) when likeable children’s TV character Heini led the musical and created a special party for Dewin.”

Hannah Roberts and Lowri Bell, Mudiad Meithrin’s Support Officers in Cardiff and the Vale, commented that: “The children were delighted to take part, and it was an unforgettable experience for them and their families to perform on the stage of the Millennium Centre. The Pageant was a lively and colourful performance and an excellent way of celebrating Welsh-medium education at its best by young children from Cardiff and the Vale area.”

Following the performance on Saturday several parties were held for all the children who took part in the Nursery Musical at Mudiad Meithrin’s stand. Each one was presented with a certificate to remind them of the special occasion as well as a story book published specially to celebrate Dewin and Doti’s birthdays, entitled ‘Y Parti Piws (The Purple Party).’

Nia Parker, Mudiad Meithrin’s South-East Regional Deputy Manager, and one of the Pasiant Meithrin organisers, said: “We are extremely grateful to all involved for their cooperation which has enabled us to stage the Pasiant Meithrin this year, especially to Heini for leading the pageant, to Dr Gwawr Taylor for accompanying on the piano, and of course, to all the local Cylchoedd Meithrin staff, leaders and the parents who were busy preparing the children for this special performance – and most of all to all the children who were the stars of the show.”

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