May 18, 2021

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1,435 jobs loss at Airbus in Broughton “gut-wrenching” says Plaid MS

RESPONDING to the news that Airbus is proposing to cut 1,435 job losses at Broughton, Plaid Cymru North Wales Llyr Gruffydd MS said,

“I’ve just been notified that Airbus is proposing 1,435 job losses at Broughton. More than I had expected. This is utterly gut-wrenching news.

“My thoughts are with the workers, their families and the community at Broughton. I stand with them and will do everything I can to support them in the wake of this devastating blow.

“Both Welsh and UK Governments must now step up to the plate and do everything possible to retain these jobs and others throughout the supply chain.

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