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THE crazy golf course at Pembrey Country Park will be upgraded to a miniature course with a £150,000 Carmarthenshire Council grant.

The money will also create a footgolf course, which is essentially golf using your feet and a football.

Council executive board members approved the £150,000 request from the authority’s communities department at a meeting on May 7.

Councillor Peter Hughes Griffiths said it would add to the variety of attractions at the country park.

“I’m very supportive of this,” he said. “I’m very excited, and there are more things to come.”

He also said it was time to consider a new entrance and exit at the 500-acre park.

The golf course and footgolf investment is expected to increase footfall, and the £150,000 will be repaid over four years out of the extra revenue generated.

A report before the executive board recommended that ticket prices increased from £2/£2.50 to £3/£4, with a family ticket for £12.

The report said the country park had developed and diversified, and that more than 50% of negative feedback centred around the crazy golf course never being open, or looking tired.

The development fund in question has provided £6.6 million for 43 schemes in Carmarthenshire.

Schemes must meet five criteria, but the report said that this had not always been the case.

The report said one option would have been to close the crazy golf course, but it added: “This would mean putting land back to a field with incurred costs.”

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