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An £18,000 trial to improve supposedly “slippery slopes” in Haverfordwest is set to be approved by cabinet next week.

“Slippery” paving flags in parts of the town have been highlighted as an issue on a number of occasions by councillor Tom Tudor and on Monday, June 13 his Notice of Motion on the matter will be discussed by cabinet members.

Cllr Tudor said he has been “inundated with complaints over the years” about slippery pavements around High Street, St Thomas Green, Grove Place, Lexton Terrace, Morgans Terrace, Market Street, around Haverfordwest Leisure Centre, and Albany and Moravian Court.

The pavements are made up of sandstone in theses areas and algae develops in “sheltered/shaded areas” following wet weather, and Cllr Tudor is calling for the slabs to be replaced.

Three options are included in a report to cabinet – replacing slabs in affected area at a cost of around £273,00 to £394,000; Do nothing other than continue cleaning to remove algae, which is currently costing around £50,000 to £55,000 a year or seal the surface of the sandstone flags at a cost between £46,000 and £56,000.

It adds that ”it is also noted that despite suggestions that the numbers of incidents or claims are high this does not appear to be the case.”

Cabinet is recommended to approve a trail of slab sealing, using £18,000 from existing revenue budgets, with work carried out early in the summer to reduce the amount of preparation work required following recent cleaning.

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