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Dear Editor, My wife (Jennifer Prescott) and I (David Prescott) have both lived in Llanelli virtually all our lives.

At the end of August we celebrated our Ruby Wedding Anniversary and I gave Jenny an Anniversary Poem I’ve written for her.

It occurs to me that in these difficult times it perhaps represents a welcome positivity, and describes feelings that may well strike chords with many of your readers.

Sofiamoreiralima / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

So I attach the poem in the hope you will want to publish it.


Full Forty Years ago Spring sprang
Our early love, and on a sudden
You lit up my life with
The never extinguished glow of
Shared sympathy and delight.
From that time forth,
No matter what rough winds blew,
Your love and compassion
Shone a lantern of hope and consolation
Guiding me ever to safe haven.

Autumn heralds the richest season for loving
When lovers turn back to each other
In matchless intimacy – as I do to you my love:
Two birds on a branch together
Transfixed by the wonder all around.
Thoughts return to magical days forty years past
When undreamed of love and passion and yearning
Took flame never to be quenched.

An October episode when a Cornwall dining room
Enveloped us with warmth and possibilities
And a picture window view
Of a lonely fishing boat’s return
In night time dark
But with lights aglow
Gave hope we may all at the last
Bring home our catch.

Then the age-old miracle of our own baby boy:
An elfin delight. At three
Amid Christmas tree lights in a darkened room
Chris saw magic dust in the air….
And because he could see it, we saw it too!
Such innocence must pass, but Memory
(That only bastion ’gainst reductive time’s tyranny)
Can restore those sparkling diamond days
And redeem their loss.
‘Losses’, yes, but great gains too:
Our love strengthened by our pride
In the man Chris has become:
A man of honour, high ability,
But still a master of merriment.

And what, Jen, of your love for me:-
No uncritical yielding or absence of fun,
No reluctance to challenge or set me right,
But founded on deep devotion and constancy;
Selfless, thoughtful, caring
No man ever had a more devoted wife.
The magnetic attraction we’ve always shared
The deep connection we’ve always felt
No wonder you are the Love of my Life!

So on this our Fortieth Anniversary,
Though the setting of our sun’s no longer so remote,
Nothing daunted, and haloed with laughter,
Let us set off hand in hand
(Me fortified by your unfailing courage)
And with ever greater energy,
And ever greater relish,
Seize the present time!

My sweetheart, my darling,
My lover, my guardian,
My best friend, my SOUL MATE,
I give you,
As I gave you long ago,
All my Love, and All my Days.


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