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IN the early hours of November 27, 2018 Luke Cuber-Hives burgled and set fire to the Riverside Health Shop in Adpar, Ceredigion.

An extensive enquiry received the support of the local community, who identified his involvement in further theft and fraud offences.

Cuber-Hives appeared before Swansea Crown Court on the 15th of April where he received a jail term totalling 54 months.

Detective Inspector Richard Yelland, senior investigating officer into the enquiry, said: “This sentence sends a strong message that arson is a serious and dangerous act.“Ceredigion has seen first-hand the devastating impact these mindless acts can have on victims, and the fear it spreads in the community.

We saw in Aberystwyth that fire can quickly take hold and lives can be lost.

“In this case it appears, the fact that nobody was hurt was due to luck, rather than the judgement of Mr Cuber-Hives. Luke Cuber-Hives“

I hope that anyone considering such behaviour will think twice before committing such offences with a long prison sentence waiting for those who get caught.”

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