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PLANNERS in Gwynedd have turned down proposals for an 18 metre mast designed to improve 5G mobile coverage.
Hutchison UK Ltd had applied for permission to build the 60ft structure at Nant Y Glyn on the A4086 through the village of Llanrug.
According to the applicants, if approved, the mast would “enhance 5G coverage levels and network capacity” within Llanrug and the nearby area.
But council planning officers have used delegated powers to turn down the plans amid concerns it is too close to existing properties.
The consultation phase had seen public objections regarding its proximity to existing homes, said to be within five metres of one nearby bungalow.
The supporting statement accompanying the application noted that Ysgol Gynradd Llanrug, sited less than 200 metres away, was consulted with prior to the application being submitted.
The company went on to note that the height of the pole has been kept down to the “absolute minimum capable of providing the required essential new 5G coverage.”

But Gwynedd planning officers, noted in their report accompanying the objection, “In this case, it is considered that the location of the pole is not ideal (despite the applicant following the sequential procedure for selecting a suitable site for such a development) as it would create an overbearing structure to the detriment of residential and general amenities local residents and occupiers.
“Although structures in the form of streetlights already exist nearby it is considered that a structure such as a telecommunications pole / mast of this type creates more of an oppressive structure on the basis of mass, design and scale and that street lighting is integral and go hand in hand with public roads i.e street furniture.”

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