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£600,000 Donated through the Big Give’s COVID-19 Appeal

OVER £600,000 has now been donated through The Big Give’s match funding drive, channelling urgently-needed income to the National Emergencies Trust’s Coronavirus Appeal.

With two weeks to go until the end of the match funding campaign, over 1,900 people have already donated to enable local charities and grassroots organisations to provide vital services in communities hit hardest by Covid-19. Money raised through the appeal is funding food and sanitation supplies, stocking food banks and community larders, catering for the elderly and vulnerable up and down the country.

Aiming to raise £1.35 million, The Big Give is urging the public to donate through its website to see their gifts doubled, pound for pound, until the £611,000 match funding pot is emptied. Match funding has been donated by a range of generous partners, including the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust, the Reed family, Reed Foundation and Cazenove Capital (Schroders).

James Reed, chair and chief executive of global recruitment company REED, says:

“The coronavirus is a global health crisis that will likely impact each and every one of us, taking the lives of loved ones and livelihoods across the country. For the most vulnerable in our communities and those living in isolation, it’s particularly distressing. But, by supporting local charities and community organisations with this appeal, we have a fantastic opportunity to ensure the people who need help most, will be able to access it swiftly.

“What’s more, donating through The Big Give means you can double your donation and make an even bigger difference to those in need.”

The Chairman of the National Emergencies Trust, Lord Dannatt, added:

“The outbreak of coronavirus is a global and national emergency, with many people suffering, not just from ill health but also from the economic and social impact. This is why we are delighted to be partnering with The Big Give for our Coronavirus Appeal, so people who need it can get support as quickly as possible.”

For more information:

Web: thebiggive.org.uk

Follow: #Covid19EmergencyAppeal and #DoubleYourDonation

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