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£66m in Covid-19 support grants paid to Pembrokeshire businesses

PEMBROKESHIRE County Council has paid out more than £66m to county businesses in Covid-19 support grants so far. The total is the fourth-highest amount paid out so far across Wales.

And across Wales, more than £1bn has now been paid to businesses since the start of the pandemic.

In Pembrokeshire 9,171 grants have been paid across the 10 grants introduced by the Welsh Government.

The team is now currently focussed on the Restrictions Grant and working their way through the applications.

Cllr Paul Miller, the Cabinet Member for the Economy, said:

“I would like to thank everyone who has worked tirelessly to ensure that the money available to support businesses through this difficult period gets to them as soon as possible.

“The sheer number of applications processed and the money delivered is a testament to those efforts and we’re not done yet.

“We have now moved onto the Restrictions Grant and we’re ready to continue the effort to help Pembrokeshire businesses for as long as it takes.”

The Council has placed a handy set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Restrictions Grant along with much more information on business support and how to apply for grants, on our Business Support pages at https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/business-advice-and-support

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