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900 new teaching posts for schools in Wales for coming academic year

THE Welsh Government has announced a £29m support package to help pupils catch up when they return to school in September. This includes the creation of nine-hundred extra teaching posts (600 teachers and 300 teaching assistants) for the coming academic year.

The education minister, Kirsty Williams, said that the government was supporting schools in the “recovery phase” and that “this extra investment and targeted support will ensure that the impact of time away from school over recent months is minimised,”

The majority of the new teaching posts will be filled by newly qualified teachers and supply teachers and they will be on one-year contracts.

In addition to teaching, learning resources are also promised to help new and current teachers deliver support to pupils studying for examinations. This will include additional lessons and personalised support programmes.

At secondary school level the support will be focused on pupils studying for exams in Years 11 to 13. In addition pupils of all ages who receive free schools meals, have additional learning needs, or who are identified as being vulnerable will receive additional support.




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