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A REVIEW of post 16 education in Ceredigion was approved with its results to inform any future plans for the county’s teenagers.

At its meeting on Tuesday, January 11 Ceredigion County Council’s cabinet was being asked to allow officers to “establish a brief and conduct a review of post 16 education” to be brought back to senior councillors.

Cllr Keith Evans highlighted the need for the details to also go to scrutiny committee, which was agreed by all members.

A report to the meeting indicated that a recent school service measures report had recorded 51 of 199 available A-level courses in sixth forms and colleges had fewer than five pupils.

Senior councillors were told that it is predicted that by January 2024 there will be around 776 year 12 and 13 pupils, an increase from 701 in 2020, and that “five out of the six Ceredigion sixth forms are likely to have fewer than 150 pupils.”

This is the level the Audit Commission has suggested makes a sixth form viable.

Ceredigion County Council last reviewed its education for over 16-year-olds was carried out in 2007-8, and current arrangements must also consider the “driving the post-16 transition agenda nationally.”

Officers will undertake the review and its firings will be discussed at a future date.

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