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“A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is vote to Put Recovery First” says Jane Dodds

WELSH Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds will spend the final full day of campaigning before election day in Brecon and Radnorshire with candidate William Powell.

The Welsh Liberal Democrat leader said that her party’s “costed and ambitious manifesto will prioritise Wales’ recovery and enable us to move on from the pandemic.”

Jane Dodds said:

“At this election, people should vote for the future and vote to put recovery first.

“This last year has been tough on all of us. It’s been tough for people’s health and mental health, tough for businesses, and tough on learners.

“Welsh Liberal Democrats have presented an ambitious and costed manifesto that will prioritise Wales’ recovery and enable us to move on from the pandemic.”

“We will prioritise job creation, house building, a fair deal for our farmers, increased childcare, and create a 24/7 mental health service. This our ambitious vision for Wales.

“We are tremendously proud of our record in government here in Wales over the last five years. Thanks to the Welsh Liberal Democrats children in school today are taught in smaller classes in better-funded schools, which achieve better results. This is what one Liberal Democrat in government has been able to do, just imagine what a whole team could achieve.

“Thursday’s election is a chance to set Wales on a path out of this pandemic. We firmly reject the narrow divisiveness of independence and the rowing back of devolution offered by other parties. We are the only party with a plan for a stronger Wales within a stronger United Kingdom.

“We are the only party putting the recovery at the heart of our manifesto. If you want to vote for recovery on Thursday vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats who will Put Recovery First.”

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