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Aberaeron footpath to be added to Public Rights of Way map

A path used for as long as 70 years in Aberaeron is set to be added the Public Rights of Way map following a request from the town council.

An application by Aberaeron Town Council to add a section of footpath at Penycarreg to the definitive map is due for discussion by Ceredigion County Council’s cabinet next week (October 6).

A report to cabinet includes reference to eight user evidence forms submitted with the application which indicate its use as a footpath for more than 20 years – a legal test when deciding on submissions – including one user who had used it in 1952 to get to school.

It had been used to get to school, shops and work for as long as 70 years according to one user, and although the route has changed slightly or been blocked at some points, it is widely regarded as a public route.

“It is also evident from having inspected the route numerous times over the course of the investigation that it is well used by the public at large,” the report adds.

Cllr Elizabeth Evans, local member, supports the application and noted she and others had used for as long as she could remember, and there were no objections received during the consultation exercise.

Cabinet is recommended to “make an Order under Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to add Public Footpath 43/30 at Penycarreg, Aberaeron on the Definitive Map and Statement.”

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