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ABERYSTWYTH sea front will have a “new buzz” this summer with traders setting up for a pilot scheme on the promenade.

Ceredigion County Council’s cabinet approved the proposal to allow six zones on the promenade where businesses can tender for a licence to have a stall or food outlet.

Council leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn said on Tuesday (June 4) that the pilot would see “a new vitality and a new buzz on the promenade for the summer.”

A trial period will start this July, running until after October half term, to generate income from the promenade area by leasing out sections of council land.

A proposal to charge £2,000 for a 50 square metre space and £1,000 for a 25 metre square space was given the go-ahead.

There will also be two licences available for mobile kiosks on the beach area, one for the north beach and one for south.

Two spaces, one at the north and one at the south end of the promenade, will be for small vehicles and four larger spaces on the promenade will be available for seating areas for existing businesses on the other side of the roads.

Conditions to the leases will include no single use plastic, branded cups and other items, as well as a responsibility to keep the area clean and rubbish free.

Cllr Alun Williams said he supported the pilot, adding that there was “huge potential” on the promenade as well as other areas of the town.

He said it would improve “vibrancy and local culture” as well as generate income for the council.

Cllr Williams, and others, highlighted the need to learn from the pilot for future years.

One of  the Aberystwyth members, Cllr Ceredig Davies, added: “There’s been talk in the community over the years about whether or not there should be more outlets along the sea front and this is a suitable pilot to test that.”

He also asked that signs asking people not to feed the seagulls be included as a condition for traders.

The pilot will be monitored and reviewed members heard and concerns about motorcycles will be passed to highways officers.

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