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Abracatabra – it’s a kind of meow-gic!

Have these beautiful cats cast a spell on you?

Meet Thackery, Binx, Winifred, Mary, and Sabrina – who are all currently residing at RSPCA Bryn-Y-Maen Animal Centre in Upper Colwyn Bay.

Staff have named the purrfect furry felines after spooky characters from fiction and from the new film Hocus Pocus.

Animal care assistant Sarah Davies said: “We have some absolutely beautiful cats in our care at the moment and we have loved brewing up some special names for them in the hope of casting some spells over people!

“Thackery, Binx, Winifred, Mary, and Sabrina are all such individual characters and have all had quite a journey to get where they are today. They are just so deserving of a happily ever after.

“We can’t wait to lift their spirits and find them their forever homes, so please get in touch if you are interested in rehoming any of our fantastic kitties.”

Thackery is around one-year-old and is an energetic young boy who is slowly building in confidence.

Sarah added: “Thackery is hoping to find a shed, outbuilding or similar to start in whilst he gets his paws on the ground, before having the option to explore the house if he chooses to. Play sessions would be an excellent way to start building a bond with him.”

Another new spook-tacular home is needed for four-year-old Binx.

Sarah said: “Binx is a fairly independent chap who is feeling frustrated living in the cattery. He is, however, looking forward to the day where he can come home and explore his new land to his heart’s content.”

Older cats Winifred and Sabrina also need a sprinkling of magic to find them a home this spooky season. Winifred came into RSPCA care after her owner sadly passed away. At 13-years-old she is looking for a quieter home she can retire to.

Sarah explained: “Winifred can be anxious at first of new people or environments and so is hoping to find a loving family who can offer her the slow approach she needs to get her paws firmly on the ground. Once she has built a bond with you however, she shows her sweet affectionate side, enjoying any attention she can get.”

While Sabrina, aged 10, is a confident and affectionate lady who adores the time she spends with those around her.

Sarah said: “Winifred and Sabrina are currently being fed on a renal support diet as they have both been diagnosed with early kidney disease. This will need to be monitored by the vets when Winifred is at home.

“But this hopefully won’t deter anyone from giving them the happiness at a home they both deserve. We’d be happy to discuss their needs with anyone interested in our wonderful Winifred and Sabrina.”

Finally three-year-old Mary has been showing staff at the Upper Colwyn Bay centre her sweet nature.

“Our gorgeous girl can find new situations overwhelming and so is looking for a family who can offer her a space of her own, along with a slow approach,” explained Sarah.

“She will – along with our other wonderful cats – will make fantastic companions. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more about them.”

If you’d like to express an interest please fill in a cat perfect match form and email it to brynymaen@rspca.org.uk.

With the increase in pet ownership and the cost of living crisis putting a strain on people’s finances, the RSPCA fears it may see more animals coming into its care at a time when rehoming has slowed.

This month is Adoptober, the RSPCA’s rehoming drive promoting adoption and encouraging people to adopt and not shop. Sadly it comes at a time when the charity is braced for an animal rescue crisis as more pets come into its care while less people are considering taking on a new pet due to the rocketing cost of living.

New figures released by the RSPCA this month reveal that the charity’s centres and branches across England & Wales rehomed almost 27,000 animals last year (2021), 8% less than the previous year.

At the same time, more animals arrived in the charity’s care and the average length of stay increased, resulting in long waiting lists for spaces in rehoming centres.

The charity is urging people who can commit to the lifelong responsibility of a pet to consider rescuing instead of buying, and is also asking the public to help them rescue more animals by donating online.


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