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Adam Price “proud” to accept invite to BBC Leaders’ Debate

PLAID Cymru Adam Price MS has welcomed the opportunity to take part in a pre-Christmas television debate between the Leaders of the three main political parties in Wales.

Mr Price, who had called for a debate in the autumn said he was “proud” to represent his party for the first time in the context of a Welsh General Election.

Adam Price MS said:

“At a time when Wales is facing a Covid and Brexit perfect storm, it is crucial that party leaders are given the opportunity to scrutinise each other’s approaches.

“How we overcome such difficulties and create a New Wales with equality at its heart will be a central theme of the 2021 election.

“As a prospective First Minister I’m proud to be representing Plaid Cymru in the Leaders’ Debate and look forward to delivering a hopeful and positive message to the audience.”

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