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AFFORDABLE housing has been proposed a stone’s throw from Oxwich Bay in Gower, and some people aren’t happy about it.

Ian Williams, who owns The Oxwich Bay Hotel, has tested the water by submitting a pre-application to Swansea Council for an unspecified number of affordable homes on land between the hotel’s car park and the road to Oxwich Green.

The land is just over one acre, and is bordered on one side by Oxwich Woods.

It lies outside of the defined village of Oxwich, meaning that house-building isn’t considered acceptable. But there are exceptions for affordable housing sites to meet local need, subject to certain criteria.

Swansea Council planning officers, in their response to the enquiry, said a scheme on the land in question would have to overcome “a high bar”, partly because it contributed “to a sense of openness” when approaching from Oxwich Castle to the west.

Officers also said there were also potential road constraints, and felt it was too early to say whether an acceptable affordable housing development could be carried out.

Gower lacks affordable housing, and the council’s current 15-year development plan aims to deliver a minimum of 3,310 such properties throughout the county.

Penrice Community Council said it had been contacted by a number of Oxwich residents who have objected, saying it wasn’t an unsuitable location.

The community council said the site was too visible, as well as being situated off a narrow part of the lane leading to the beach.

The Gower Society has also contacted the county council with concerns.

It said changing the use of the land for holiday chalets would be more acceptable.

“Oxwich Bay and village is one of Gower’s most iconic areas that attracts thousands of visitors to Swansea,” said the society.

“Any development application that appears to carry the risk of damaging this is not acceptable.”

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