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Air quality monitoring “long overdue” but questions raised over “controversial” ozone disinfecting machines

Responding to news that Welsh Government will be providing CO2 monitors and ozone disinfectant systems to all schools, colleges and universities, Plaid Cymru’s education spokesperson Sian Gwenllian MS said,

“Scientific advice has long highlighted the importance of air quality in limiting coronavirus transmission – and we’ve been calling for more guidance and resources for schools colleges and universities on the subject of ventilation since last year.

“The provision of CO2 monitors to educational settings, while long overdue, is welcome, and is in line with other nations. It’s important that measures we use are in line with the latest scientific guidance and I urge Welsh Government to provide reassurance to educational settings on the use of devices such as ozone disinfectant systems.

“The use of ozone disinfecting machines is controversial to say the least and we all need to be satisfied that Welsh Government is absolutely certain that they are a safe option before introducing them.”

Editorial: Given the rise in the number of cases of children and adults with asthma, which some claim is linked to pollution from vehicles this initiative should go hand in hand with an all round assessment and solution to a growing health problem in Wales, which takes into account the views and evidence of campaign groups and a possible establishment of an independent scientific monitoring unit. There also has to be some form of regulation on developers who appear to be building more and more homes devoid of green space and trees in order to offset the impact of more families with more cars in already crowded urban areas.

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