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Alarming Series of Fires in Cladding Hit Cardiff Buildings

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have raised serious concerns after a building in Cardiff Bay affecting by the building safety scandal has been rocked by two fires in the space of a month.

The Victoria Wharf development sawa fire this weekend that spread between two balconies. In August, another balcony had set alight.

Although no one was hurt in either incident and it is not yet clear whether the incidents are linked to faulty building materials, the fires have reignited concerns that action is not being taken fast enough to remediate buildings affected.

Leader of Cardiff Liberal Democrats, Cllr Rhys Taylor has been campaigning over the last year for the Welsh Government to take faster and deeper action on the crisis and visited the site of the fire today stating:

“This is the second fire in the space of a month in a building in Cardiff Bay hit by the building safety scandal.

“Residents affected by this scandal, throughout Cardiff and more widely in Swansea and other places are scared, tired and frustrated with the lack of action by the Welsh Labour Government and from property developers.

“People are paying thousands upon thousands of pounds a year for a ‘waking watch’ making sure fires don’t break out in their buildings, living and sleeping in fear of the worse.

“They are having to pay for insurance that isn’t keeping them safe. Many of these buildings are only a few minutes walk away from the Senedd, yet there is a striking indifference and lack of urgency from the Welsh Government on this massive injustice.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats are saying alongside cladding and building safety campaigners that developers have had long enough, it’s time Welsh Government stopped talking and take serious action to end this crisis.”


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