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LEE WATERS AM has lent his backing to “Go Green Day”. Go Green Day is an annual day of environmentally-friendly, green action across Wales.

Lee Waters AM supported the Welsh Labour Government’s recent decision to declare a climate emergency.  The declaration sends a clear signal that the Welsh Government is determined to act to address climate change, which threatens our health, economy, infrastructure and our natural environment.

The Welsh Government has committed to achieving a carbon neutral public sector by 2030 and earlier this year, it published Prosperity for All: A Low Carbon Wales, which sets out 100 policies and proposals to meet the 2020 carbon emissions targets.

Lee Waters AM said

“I completely support the Welsh Labour Government in their decision to declare a climate emergency. I got into politics because I believe we need to act now to tackle climate change, and we have to do things differently to preserve the planet for our children and grandchildren.”

“There are all sorts of things we can do, but I want to improve public transport locally and see Wales generate more electricity from renewable resources. We need to be less reliant on things that cause pollution, poor air quality and contribute to climate change in our day to day life.”

“It is important we all do what we can but tackling climate change is not an issue which can be left to individuals or to the free market. We need collective action and government has a big role in making that happen.”

“I hope the government’s decision triggers a wave of action from governments, companies, communities and individuals.”

You can read more about prosperity for all here https://gweddill.gov.wales/topics/environmentcountryside/climatechange/emissions/prosperity-for-all-a-low-carbon-wales/?lang=en

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