April 14, 2021

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AM backs Your Medicine, Your Health

GOWER Assembly Member, Rebecca Evans AM, is teaming up with the Your Medicines Your Health campaign to promote the safe and effective use, storage and disposal of medicines.

Rebecca Evans AM said: “Wasting medications, misusing them, storing them incorrectly and disposing of them inappropriately when they are no longer used, causes a number of problems for our NHS. It wastes precious money and resources, and means that people aren’t always getting the maximum benefit from the medicine they take.”

The campaign which is backed by the Welsh Government is now being rolled out across the Swansea Bay Health Board area.

Rebecca Evans AM added: “A good place to start is by having a look in your medicines cupboard to check whether you have any unwanted, unused, or out of date medicines. If you do, you can return them to your local pharmacy where they will be disposed of safely.”

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