PLAID Cymru Mid and West AM Helen Mary Jones has put forward a bill for debate in the Senedd that is intended to create a fairer economy by introducing measures to improve equality in the private sector.

The proposal is for a bill to provide an equal opportunities audit for firms in receipt of Welsh Government grants.

Shadow Minister for Economy, Tackling poverty and Transport, Helen Mary Jones said:

“The Welsh Government invests a great deal and spends even more of Welsh taxpayers money in the private sector.

“In addition to ensuring good value for money of that spend we should be ensuring the Welsh public purse support those companies that can demonstrate best practice in the promotion of equal opportunities for their staff.

“We should be able to be ensured that our money is not being used to support or subsidise bad practice.

“This proposed legislation would ensure that in future Welsh ministers would incorporate an equality audit with their other due diligence practice when letting contracts or making investments.”

The purpose of the bill would be to improve and encourage equal opportunities in the private sector in Wales; and build on the findings of the Fair Work Commission.

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