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AM welcomes financial help for NHS students

NEIL HAMILTON, AM for Mid and West Wales and Leader of UKIP Wales, has welcomed news that eligible students will continue to have financial help towards their NHS studies.

Mr Hamilton, said he was pleased to hear that the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme, which financially helps people studying certain healthcare related programmes in Wales, has been extended.
He said:
“I welcome any moves to continue to support those working within, or committing to work for, the NHS in Wales so I am delighted to see the scheme being extended.

“We all know how over-stretched the NHS is and the difficulty recruiting and attracting the right staff is a major concern.

“By continuing to offer a bursary for eligible student nurses, midwives and allied health professionals, provided they commit to working in Wales for up to two years after qualifying, is one way of encouraging more people not only to study in Wales, but keep their expertise in the country.”

Vaughan Gething, the Minister for Health and Social Services, has agreed to extend the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme for eligible students starting the academic year 2020/2021.

The announcement provides certainty about bursary arrangements until 2021 to both students and providers to enable them to plan for their future.

The Minister said: “In Wales we are committed to investing in the training of our nurses, midwives and other highly skilled professionals working in our NHS.

“By extending this support package, I want to demonstrate how much we value our healthcare workforce and are committed to supporting them through their studies.”

He said he was also looking at what longer-term arrangements could be put in place to continue to develop the NHS workforce.

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