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AS more people are expected to visit Ceredigion’s towns over the coming weeks and summer months, Ceredigion Council has announced that changes are required to ensure streets are safe for everyone, by allowing people to maintain a 2-meter social distance at all times.

Introducing changes over the Easter period has meant that some amendments will be made over the coming weeks.

Following a review, the initial phase of the Safe Zone (Phase 2) for Cardigan will be amended to Phase 2a, with Morgan Street and The Strand remaining as a one-way system (unchanged current arrangement).

Road closures affecting the High Street in Cardigan will commence ahead of the May Bank holiday weekend at the end of May. The road closures will be between 12 pm and 4 pm daily.

As part of Phase 2a, the following work is being undertaken:

Placing road markings for all disabled bays along High St & Pendre;

Placing loading bay road markings opposite Dewi James Butchers;

Introducing new reflective bollards to replace the red/white baulks. This will allow traders to operate in the road as per their licence. The widened footpaths within the trading areas in the road will be raised to the same level as the adjacent footpaths to create a flat accessible area for pedestrians;

Placing a chicane outside the Black Lion Hotel to slow traffic flow;

Implement a one-way system along College Row to improve pedestrian safety;

Reversal of one way along St Mary St to allow access to Chancery; and

Close the top of Pwllhai for licenced trading and pedestrian safety

A map of Cardigan and all the latest information on the Safe Zones is available on Ceredigion County Council’s website: www.ceredigion.gov.uk/safezones

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