April 21, 2021

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Application refused for provision of two affordable homes

A bid to remove a planning condition to provide two affordable homes at Nantcrymanau has been refused by Ceredigion planners.

A Section 106 agreement had been made as part of a 2008 application for six homes at the site at Llechryd.

Reserved matters were approved in 2011 with the site now called Dol Dderwen.

An application had been made to remove the provision of two affordable homes on the site as “planning consent does not exist for the construction of dwellings in the location specified in the obligation since the layout was approved at reserved matters stage, not outline.”

It argues that the site layout approved in 2011 permitted a road in the location where the two units would be placed “therefore making compliance with the obligation impossible.”

Llangeodmor Community Council objected to the application, adding it was “extremely concerned with regard to the loss of two affordable homes on the site. Such housing is extremely important to the community.”

The decision to refuse the application was issued on June 18.

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