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Applications to attend Master Nutrition sheep workshop now open

NUTRITION has a long-term impact on flock performance – from embryo implantation onwards. There are various objectives related to ewe nutrition that ultimately impact flock productivity and profitability, such as optimising conception rates and embryo survival, as well as increasing lamb numbers and improving survival rates.

If you would like to gain information and expand your knowledge on this topic, complete an application form, by 12pm 29 July 2019, for a chance to attend a Master Nutrition Sheep workshop. You can do this by visiting the Farming Connect website: www.gov.wales/farmingconnect

By attending this workshop, you will increase your understanding of the benefits of improved nutrition for in-lamb ewes. The workshop will discuss how to: improve conception rates and embryo survival; produce strong and viable offspring; ensure high-quality colostrum and optimise lamb growth rates. The principles of how to formulate feed rations to meet ewe requirements at different stages of gestation/lactation; exploring cost-effective feeding options and the biological fundamentals of the rumen in order to improve intake will also be covered.

The dates and locations of the workshops are as follows:

14 August 2019 – Master Nutrition – Welshpool Livestock Market, Welshpool SY21 8SR

15 August 2019 – Master Nutrition – Glynllifon College, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL54 5DU

Please note, completing the application form is essential.

For more information regarding the Master Nutrition workshop at the Welshpool Livestock Market venue, contact Lisa Roberts: 07399 849 148 / lisa.roberts@menterabusnes.co.uk

For more information regarding the Master Nutrition workshop at the Glynllifon College venue, contact Gwion Parry: 07960 261 226 / gwion.parry@menterabusnes.co.uk

Or visit the Farming Connect website: www.gov.wales/farmingconnect

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