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Artist uses work to fund passion for helping wildlife and environment

Dear Editor,  I am a wildlife artist from Abergele, North Wales and I am on a mission to use my artwork to prevent extinction.

I am passionate about wildlife and protecting the environment. Prior to the pandemic, I spent some time in India with Wildlife SOS, helping elephants and bears, and Bolivia where I volunteered with big cats and monkeys.

I tried raising money for wildlife charities and last year, I shaved my head to raise money for Wildlife SOS. This hair was donated to the Little Princess Trust.

Before the pandemic I was working as a wigs and makeup artist for theatre, however, this work came to a standstill with Covid. I decided to use this time to follow my passion and use my artwork. I started a sustainable business selling art prints and clothing, featuring my wildlife artwork. I donate 5% of my profits to various wildlife conservation organisations around the world, who are working to protect the particular species in my designs.

Wildlife loss, climate change and plastic pollution are all massive issues and my intention is to use my art to help solve these issues. That’s why I strive for sustainability in my work. My business is certified carbon-neutral and everything is produced using renewable energy. My art prints are printed on recycled paper and my clothing is all made with sustainable cotton. My clothing can all be sent back when it comes to the end of its life and the material can be remade into new clothing, preventing waste. Also, all items are delivered in plastic-free packaging. All of these things are very important to me in order to create a greener planet.

As part of my business, I also plant trees locally to aid wildlife and help prevent climate change. I often go out litter picking in the local area and pre pandemic I organised various community litter picks, locally and also when travelling in China and India. I use my website www.chadkilloran.com and social media @chadkilloran to share information about how people can protect wildlife, tips to be more sustainable in daily life and upcoming litter picks.

I’d love to spread the word more of how we can protect our local area and the planet, in order to create a better world for people and nature. I hope you’ll consider writing an article on this to help create a greener world.

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