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AN investigation into a council pay-off to its outgoing chief executive is likely to be concluded by Autumn, Audit Wales predicts.

An update on Audit Wales work was presented to Pembrokeshire County Council’s governance and audit committee on Tuesday, July 13 with reference made to the “governance and decision-making arrangements relating to the Chief Executive’s departure.”

Former chief executive Ian Wesley was paid £95,000 when he left the authority in November last year, which Audit Wales has been investigating.

It states that the scope of the investigation was the governance and decision-making arrangements relating to the chief executive’s departure, with a timetable of November 2020 – Summer/Autumn 2021.

Its latest update states that “draft extracts of findings issued to relevant individuals for factual accuracy check,” with June referenced as the date this occurred.

Council director of finance Jon Haswell highlighted the authority’s response to Audit Wales on financial audit questions which in relation to awareness on non-compliance references the ongoing review into the lawfulness of the settlement agreement.”

Committee member Martin Veale said it was “disappointing” that such an investigation was being held as it meant “there is some doubt that the process was a good and proper process” and such matters should be done with “crystal clear process.”

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