September 18, 2021

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Beaumaris lifeboat searches Menai Strait following a radio distress call

THE volunteer crew members of the R N LI Beaumaris lifeboat received a launch request at 8.14 am on Sunday 29 November 2020 from the U.K Coastguard, to commence a search of the Menai Strait for a vessel in difficulties.

Beaumaris Lifeboat approaching the Britannia Bridge. RNLI/A J Robinson

The U. K. Coastguard at Holyhead had received a faint VHF radio call purporting to be from a sinking vessel in the Menai Strait requesting assistance,

The Beaumaris Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington was launched at 8.22 am proceeded along the Menai Strait towards Caernarfon Bar.

In addition the Bangor and Penmon Mobile Coastguard Rescue Teams commenced a landside search on both sides of the Menai Strait

The volunteer lifeboat crew spoke to the crew of boats that they met but no one had seen any craft in difficulty.

The lifeboat was instructed to return to her station arriving at 9.32 am so she could be refuelled and cleaned.


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