July 25, 2021

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PLANS to extend a home overlooking a Llŷn town, having been once described as “more suited for Beverly Hills than Mynydd Nefyn” have been rejected.

By a margin of 12 to one, Monday saw Gwynedd Council’s Planning Committee reject the proposals to refurbish and extend Tan-y-Mynydd.

This follows the refusal of earlier proposals for the same property last September, with the committee going against the advice of officers after citing the visual impact and claiming that approval would “open the floodgates” for similar developments.

Last month the committee decided to delay any decision on the subsequently amended plans until the findings of the Llŷn Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Joint Advisory Committee were available in full and part of the overall report.

But despite officers remaining steadfast in their recommendation to approve, Monday saw members state the amended plans still represented over-development and would impact visually on the nearby Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The amended plans involve the refurbishment and extension of the house, including demolishing an existing outbuilding, rear two-storey extension and a glass side extension.

Relocating a stone wall in order to create a parking and turning area, it would also see a new two-storey and another single-storey extension and a balcony on the gable-end of the existing house.

When discussed in September 2020, Cllr Gareth Jones described the “overbearing” plans as “suitable for the slopes of Beverly Hills but not Mynydd Nefyn.”

But speaking last month, applicant spokesperson Lowri Jones stressed the property would not be used as a holiday home and spoke of the applicants’ fondness for the area and hope of setting up home in Nefyn.