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Black bag collection set to reduce from four to three per fortnight

THE NUMBER of black bin bags that householders in Carmarthenshire are allowed to put out for collection looks set to reduce from four to three.

Council chiefs are worried about missing this year’s 64% recycling target and the costs this could incur.

Measures were introduced at the county’s household waste recycling centres in April to deter people bringing their rubbish from outside the county.

Commercial waste was also banned, except at the Nantycaws site, and opening hours were reduced by one hour per day.

But more action is needed as the current 59% recycling rate needs to rise.

A report going before the executive board on July 29 said: “At present there is a significant risk of not meeting the statutory recycling target of 64% in this financial and therefore being potentially exposed to significant financial penalties from Welsh Government.”

The new three black bags per fortnight rule would come into force in October, subject to executive board approval.

Some exemptions would apply such as for households with six or more members.

But there could be a further cut to the black bag limit if recycling rates don’t improve after 12 months.

The council also intends to provide liners to all households for their food waste caddies.

Previous analysis of black bags has found food waste comprises more than a quarter of black bag contents in Carmarthenshire.

The executive board is also set to expand the range of vehicles and trailers that can access household waste recycling centres, following public feedback in the wake of the April changes.

Another previously-agreed change is that black bags brought into household waste recycling sites will be opened from October with recyclable products removed.

Council chiefs have looked at other council’s black bag collection regimes and the executive report said: “The proposed restrictions would put us in line with many other Welsh authorities.”

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