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Blue wave sweeps the country as Brexit Boris punishes remain parties

WHAT an astonishing night in British politics. It began at 10pm with a sharp intake of breath when the Exit Poll announced that the Conservatives looked set for a healthy majority.

As the evening’s counts started to declare we began to see a UK wide picture where the Conservatives began demolishing Labour strongholds.

The relevance of the Brexit Party and UKIP became one of contributing to the demise of Labour who lost seats in ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ areas.

The Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson lost her seat.

The SNP came within touching distance of independence for Scotland with a referendum a future prospect.

Here in Wales Plaid Cymru clung on to four of their seats and looked to be further away from their Nationalistic dream than ever.

Labour were almost wiped out in the North of Wales by the Conservatives. In the industrial town of Llanelli there was a similar picture to other working class towns in the UK with Labour either losing out to the Conservatives or seeing their majority dramatically reduced.

Out of the 40 seats in Wales Labour took 22 – 6 seats, Conservatives took 14 +6 seats and Plaid Cymru held 4 seats.

In Llanelli Nia Griffith did not hang around and was whisked away from the Selwyn Samuel Centre having not given any comment to the media.

Conservative candidate for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Havard Hughes launched an attack on Jonathan Edwards and Plaid Cymru criticising what he described as ‘awful’ tactics being used by Plaid Cymru’s agent and he criticised Jonathan Edwards for making his victory speech in the Welsh language only.

The UK looks set for the coldest political nuclear winter since the days of Margaret Thatcher as we get set for a Conservative government to take us out of the EU and settle in for what could be at least two terms in office.

The results speak for themselves.

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