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Boris must come clean over alleged atrocious comment says leader of Welsh Lib Dems

RESPONDING to Boris Johnson’s alleged recent comments saying he would rather bodies piled “high in their thousands” than order a third social and economic lockdown to stem coronavirus infections, Jane Dodds leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

“If this quote is correct, it is a truly atrocious comment from an atrocious Prime Minister who should know better. He needs to confirm or deny once and for all whether he made these remarks.

“The NHS and tens of thousands of volunteers are working hard to deliver a successful vaccination programme and millions of people have made personal sacrifices over the last year to fight this virus and all our PM can do is make crass comments which are offensive and upsetting to everyone, especially those who’ve lost loved ones.

“The Prime Minister might now be trying to draw attention to the successful vaccine role out, but he would do well to remember that this has been down to four nations working together rather than just him.

“The lack of action by him and his ministers early last year has undoubtedly cost tens of thousands of lives. While Boris was shaking hands in hospitals and telling us all to sing happy birthday the virus was spreading across our country.

“Not only do his actions and these comments display a callous disregard for the tens of thousands who have lost their lives, but they display a profound misunderstanding of how this pandemic unfolded.

“I hope any public inquiry into this pandemic will be able to take into account his lack of early action as well being able to determine if these new comments are accurate.”


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