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Boris’s Ad spending won’t hide the truth claims AM

ELUNED Morgan has called out the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson over plans to commit £100 million in advertising a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, whilst ignoring the challenges of leaving the EU without a deal for rural communities like Carmarthenshire.

The advertising campaign will encourage people to prepare for the impacts a no deal Brexit as the Prime Minister, backed by several high profile Brexiteers within his own cabinet, has vowed he will force Britain out of the EU on October 31st with or without a deal.

Former MEP, and now regional Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, Eluned Morgan has criticised the spending priorities of the Prime Minister as vital public services provided by local councils continue to feel the squeeze of austerity.

Eluned said: “The whole of the UK, but especially Wales will be damaged by a no deal Brexit at the hands of Boris Johnson.  No matter how much money he wants to throw at this, Boris’s ad spending won’t hide the truth that a no-deal Brexit is bad for Wales and rural counties like Carmarthenshire, in particular.

“As the Prime Minister tours the UK attempting to rewrite the story on no-deal, the UK Government is playing a dangerous game with our futures.  Boris knows the EU won’t reopen the negotiation and he is preparing to blame them for his broken promises.”

In addition to the £100million advertising campaign, the Tories have announced a £300million fund to tackle the impacts of Brexit to be shared across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as economic fears grow.  The Bank of England now suggests there is a 1 in 3 chance that Britain could be plunged into a recession as early as the start of next year as Brexit drags down the economy.

Eluned continued: “£300 million is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the support Welsh businesses, local government and our communities have benefited from by being part of the European Union.  It is nothing in comparison to the £1 billion handed to Northern Ireland in return for the support of the DUP whilst Theresa May was Prime Minister.  We all need to wake up to the fact that no-deal is no good for Wales because time is running out.”

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