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Recycling backlog as service vehicles break down

LOCAL residents and councillors have taken to social media to complain about the backlog of glass and recycling collections in their local area, with bins now overflowing with waste.

The Carmarthenshire Labour leader Cllr Rob James has expressed his concern over the build up of waste. He said: “Whilst we acknowledge that the Council have experienced mechanical difficulties, this recent episode illustrates the Council’s strategy is flawed. “We are one of only two local authorities in Wales that don’t support our residents with kerbside glass collection services. “The proposed cuts of up to 40% of bring sites in the next budget will have a dramatic impact on recycling rates in the County. “It’s clear that Plaid’s continued cuts in the Environment budget has impacting all residents and we must protect this area if you are to actually address climate change.”

Cllr. John James: Chairman of Environmental and Public Protection Scrutiny Committee. Our planet is facing catastrophic consequences if we don’t listen and take seriously to what experts are telling us about the effects of global warming and climate change and don’t take into account what is visibly happening to our everyday life. People are beginning to take these warnings seriously, in particular younger people. As elected custodians for Carmarthenshire County Council we deal with major policies and budgetary issues and have a duty to deliver what’s best for our residents, the cost of not doing so will be irreversible. We can add to what’s happening already by introducing County wide kerbside glass collecting which would be very helpful and in particular would assist our senior citizens.
Local man Jeff Curtis took to social media to berate council members and show how bad the situation has become in Llwynhendy. He said: “This is the bottle bank by Llwynhendy Library, I’ve just been informed that if you leave a bag outside on the floor you could be fined for fly tipping, come on Llanelli Council get your act together this is disgusting.”

Cllr Deryk Cundy responded to the situation and praised the public for using the recycling bins but said it may be time to change how the waste is collected and dealt with. In a comment he said:

“Although it is gratifying to see that our residents are utilising the recycling facilities, I am concerned that our glass waste bins are consistently full as can be seen from the following pictures. It is perhaps time to review how glass waste is dealt with to prevent this in the future.”

Llwynhendy councillor Sharen Davies called for the council to ‘get their act together’.

We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council to ask what had caused the backlog of collections as well as what they intend to do to clear up the recycling points.

Environmental Services Manager Daniel John said:

“Unfortunately, both of our specialist collection vehicles were out of service last week due to unforeseen circumstances which meant there have been delays in servicing these sites. We hope to return to regular servicing of these sites this week, but have arranged for additional collections to take place. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank those who have made the effort to recycle.”

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