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Bottled water for village residents afraid to ‘wash and bathe their children’

DISCUSSIONS continue to ensure safe water supply is restored for some residents of a north Pembrokeshire village who have been relying on bottled water for more than six months.

Cllr Sam Kurtz asked what the current status was involving discussions between water company Dwr Cymru, Valley Management who owns the Trecwn former RNAD site and the council.

Cabinet member for the environment Cllr Cris Tomos said at full council on Thursday (October 10) that discussions continued and there was a community event being planned so that residents could express their views.

The cost of replacing pipework, no longer fit for purpose, needed to be calculated by Dwr Cymru and funding sources identified, including potential Welsh Government money, he added.

Cllr Kurtz said: “This matter has been a long-standing issue where residents are afraid to wash and bathe their children because of the quality of their water.”

He added that bottled water was still being provided because of the high iron content in the tap water and asked for assistance to be provided for recycling the large number of bottles.

Cllr Tomos said that he would investigate while Cllr Phil Baker added that options around adopting the road in question, Barham Road as well as Admiralty Way had been discussed.

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