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Brexit ‘battle of words’ between Llanelli Parliamentary candidates

THE Conservative candidate for Llanelli Tamara Reay has written a letter to Labour’s candidate Nia Griffith setting with its main agenda being the hottest issue of the last few years, BREXIT. In the letter (below) the conservative parliamentary candidate for Llanelli asked what the Labour candidate’s plans are to get Brexit done. There is a common thread running through many of the interviews we have conducted of late. Brexit and either pinning the ‘remain’ flag firmly to the mast or the ‘leave’ flag. There can be no doubt about the plans for Llanelli and the UK from the content within the letter from Tamara Reay.

The letter reads as follows:
Dear Nia, Will you help get Brexit done?
There is no doubt that getting Brexit done is the key issue facing the UK. And, in Llanelli I am greeted with almost universal disgust that as their MP, you have not supported the vote to Leave by so many local people.
We have one chance to get Brexit done. If we fail to do so and fail to honour the decision to leave the EU, then it’s clear that Parliament will remain gridlocked. That will mean that other important things that make a difference to peoples’ lives – being able to get an appointment to see a GP, feeling safe when walking home, making ends meet at the end of the month – will be ignored.
Without a plan to get Brexit done it is impossible to have credibility on anything else.
That’s why I’ve confirmed that, if I’m elected, I will back the great new deal that Boris Johnson has already agreed with the EU. Britain will be out of the EU by the end of January, giving families and businesses the certainty they need to plan for the future.
However, your position on Brexit as Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate for Llanelli is unclear and many local people are concerned that you give the impression that you “know better than them”. Urgent clarification of your intention is needed to help local people make their choice in this election.

As you will know, appearing on the BBC Question Time Leaders Special, Jeremy Corbyn – your Party Leader – confirmed that he has decided to take no position on Brexit and remain Printed and promoted by Siôn Davies of 1 Park View Terrace, Llanelli, SA15 3HA.

“neutral”. This means he would hold a second referendum in which he was not even willing to back an arrangement that he had negotiated. And he refused to rule out a second referendum on Scottish independence – the price the SNP would demand for propping him up in a hung parliament.

Voters in Llanelli deserve to know what you would do. Can you clarify it for them by answering the following questions:
1. Do you agree with Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to remain neutral on Brexit?
2. What is your plan to get Brexit done?
3. Will you remain neutral in a second referendum, and if not, how will you campaign?
4. Will you refuse to support any government which is reliant on the votes of the SNP
and a second independence referendum?
My view, and that of most people I have met in Llanelli is that it is wrong to force people to vote again – in fact many have said to me “will there be a re-run of the General Election in Llanelli if there is the wrong result?”
It’s wrong to rip up a deal when it’s clear you have no plan; and wrong to play games with our precious union. There must be no more dither and delay – we need to get Brexit done and unleash our country’s potential.
I look forward to your response. Yours sincerely
Tamara Reay
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Llanelli

Labour’s candidate for Llanelli responded:

“I have made my position on Brexit clear, that we should let the people decide. The Tories’ Sell Out Brexit deal will cost local jobs and make our communities poorer. It risks selling off our NHS to Donald Trump. Here in Llanelli we remember the last time a Tory Prime Minister destroyed our industry and forced people out of their jobs. I know that people are tired of the Brexit debate. That’s why Labour will settle this with a People’s Vote, within six months of the election. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, I believe that people deserve a final say on Brexit. I will be campaigning to remain”

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