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British Fireworks Association gears up for November 5th

“THERE is no need to let Covid 19 ruin your November 5th celebrations.”

That’s the message today from the British Fireworks Association (BFA) as fireworks go on sale to the general public (October 15th). The industry has geared up ready to create all the fun and excitement which would otherwise be missed as organised firework displays are cancelled across the UK because of the pandemic restrictions.

While large gathering between households, friends and relatives are banned, single family groups can still go outside into their own back gardens and recreate some of the magic associated with bonfire night.

The advice is to check what is printed on the fireworks before buying to ensure your garden is big enough (spectators need to stand 8 meters away for smaller fireworks and 25 meters away for larger products).

The BFA – which represents 96% of all family back garden firework imported in the UK – also says people should buy from shops they know (not from the back of vans) and let their neighbours know if they are planning to let off fireworks.

Government lock down restrictions have resulted in hundreds of planned organised displays having to be postponed until next year – at least.

The chairman of the BFA, Steve Raper, said: “With all the disappointment Coronavirus has inflicted this year, the BFA members have worked hard to ensure family fireworks can still be purchased and enjoyed. It will be more like the old days with Mum or Dad letting off a few at the end of the garden – and that is certainly something worth looking forward to.”

Fireworks for home gardens have continue to improve in quality and safety and this has been reflected in dramatic drop in accidents.

Raper added: “If all the instructions are followed there is no reason to fear accidents. Injuries are usually down to misuse, hooliganism and irresponsible behaviour. I want families to have fun and be safe this year. This is a great opportunity to lift spirits.

“In terms of numbers, the majority of injuries are minor and this is often as a result of toddlers being handed sparklers. Children under five should not be given a lit sparkler – and those over five must be wearing gloves.

“The BFA’s safety message this year is clear. Think. Check. Respect. It appears in an animated safety cartoon featuring the dragon characters Ooh and Ahh.”

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