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ISSUES surrounding building developments in Bronllys near Brecon will be discussed by the local Powys County Councillor and planning officers.

At the planning committee meeting, on Thursday, July 1, Cllr Karen Laurie-Parry who represents the village asked for a planning approval noted on the delegated decisions list to be deferred.

This would give her the chance to discuss issues of “lawfulness” on the application.

The application notes that Monmouth Housing Association have provided detailed drainage information for the site.

Providing the information was a condition placed on a planning permission granted to the association back in 2016 to build 30 houses on land behind the former primary school in Bronllys.

Before the meeting Cllr Laurie-Parry had emailed planning officers and councillors explaining that the application needed to be discussed by the committee.

Planning development manager, Peter Morris, said: “You’ve asked why the application would not be referred to committee when it would apparently affect council land.

“My understanding is that it doesn’t affect council land.”

He explained that only “major” planning applications that affect council land should be brought before the committee.

The council do have their own, planning application to build 17 homes on the former school site.

Cllr Laurie-Parry said: “There is quite a bit of background to this and the school site, and if we could defer this matter, I would be extremely grateful.”

Cllr Laurie-Parry pointed out that the definition of “major” planning applications is for 10 or more properties, and the Monmouth Housing Association one is for 30.

Mr Morris, said: “I’m happy to deal with this outside the meeting.”

The delegated decisions list is usually just noted and approved by councillors.

Committee chairman Cllr Karl Lewis asked for legal advice on whether it was possible to approve the list subject to deferring the planning application in Bronllys.

Committee solicitor, Colin Edwards told the councillors that the delegated list goes to the committee “for information.”

Mr Edwards said: “The decisions have already been made by officers as it’s delegated to them under the constitution.

“All you would be deferring is accepting something that’s already been decided.”

Cllr Lewis asked the committee if they would be happy to agree the delegated list, apart from the one under discussion.

They agreed and approved the rest of the delegated decisions list.

Previously, residents have made an application to register the former Bronllys primary school site as a village green.

In recent years several developments have been built in the village and residents are concerned about the loss of playing areas there.

Bronllys along with Talgarth Primary School, closed its doors on August 31, 2017, as part of a school reorganisation programme in Powys.

A new 150 place community primary school, Ysgol Y Mynydd Du (The Black Mountain primary school) was opened in Talgarth to take pupils from both schools.


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