June 12, 2021

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TWO businessmen with properties on Swansea’s Oystermouth Road have echoed residents’ concerns about speeding.

Paul Hooper and Daksh Balian said they would like something to be done to enforce the 30mph limit along the dual carriageway.

Some residents living in flats on Oystermouth Road said last week that speeding motorists were making their life a misery at night, and that they feared a fatality would occur.

Mr Hooper, who is redeveloping The Poets Corner – on the corner of Beach Street – into a cafe and bakehouse, with student accommodation above, said he was planning to buy a speed gun to monitor speeds.
He said he and his partner witnessed a terrifying near miss last Friday at around 3.30pm near The Poets Corner.

Mr Hooper said a couple with a young child were crossing Oystermouth Road on the green pedestrian light when a red car heading west towards Mumbles “flew past”, despite the traffic lights on the road being red.
“It missed them by a yard,” he said. “It happened so fast. Another one step and I think the three of them would have been instantly killed.”

Mr Hooper said police had carried out a couple of speed gun operations on Oystermouth Road a while back, with advice given to motorists who were pulled over.

He said he has raised his speeding concerns with Swansea Council.
“I have seen how bad it has got here,” said Mr Hooper. “You just would not believe it at times.”

Oystermouth Road has a high volume of traffic, which naturally restricts speeds at peak times, particularly heading towards the city centre.

Mr Hooper, who has installed outdoor seating at The Poets Corner and hopes to open the bakehouse and cafe at the end of August, said faster traffic was a lot noisier than 30mph traffic. He added that he was worried about the effect on air pollution.

Mr Balian owns four hotels on Oystermouth Road and said he felt the road had become dangerous.

He said he had seen the aftermath of an accident outside Tudor Court Hotel this year, which had required a lamppost to be replaced.

Asked if he thought speed cameras would be a good idea, Mr Balian said: “I certainly believe so. It is very poorly signposted.”

Last year the council wrote to Mr Hooper to say there hadn’t been any collisions in the last three years which resulted in injury, and therefore road safety interventions would not be a priority.

The letter also said road signs were not permitted along that stretch due to the presence of street lights, which denoted the 30mph limit, and that enforcement was ultimately a matter for police. The letter also addressed other ideas raised by Mr Hooper to improve the character of the area.

Last week South Wales Police said it was not aware of an increase in anti-social behaviour from speeding vehicles on Oystermouth Road.

A force spokeswoman said: “If there are concerns in the community it doesn’t appear they are being reported to us, so we would encourage anyone who has concerns connected to anti-social behaviour to report them to us.”

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