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LATE Saturday afternoon at 5.45 pm Conwy’s volunteer, inshore lifeboat crew, aboard the May-Bob, were tasked by Holyhead Coastguard. They were required to go to the assistance of a 40ft sailing vessel which had suffered engine failure and was anchored approx. one-mile North of Conwy Morfa.

Due to the size of the vessel, Holyhead Coastguard also requested support from Llandudno’s all-weather relief lifeboat 13 07 Reg which launched at 6.05 pm.

Arriving first on the scene the Conwy lifeboat was able to establish that the four persons on board were all fit and well. They remained on scene while the Llandudno lifeboat made its journey around the Great Orme and into the Conwy Estuary.

After securing a towline the Llandudno Lifeboat proceeded up-channel into the River Conwy to place the yacht on a safe mooring at Conwy Marina.

On Sunday 27 September 2020, Shannon Class lifeboat, (ALB) Ella Larsen was tasked by HM Coastguard to launch to the aid of a twenty-three foot broken down fishing vessel with four people on board.

In good visibility and on slight seas, ALB Ella Larsen and her volunteer crew launched at 6.30pm towards the direction of Shell Island where the fishing vessel was last located, approximately two miles off shore. On arrival at the scene, the crew located the local fishing vessel, with engine failure, close off Shell Island and drifting in. All four Casualties on board the fishing vessel were safe and well. The lifeboat crew established a tow and towed the stricken vessel into Shell Island, where they secured her to a buoy in the harbour.

Then on Monday RNLI volunteers of Llandudno were tasked at 11.04 am were requested to launch and proceed to Rhos on Sea to urgently assist a capsized kayak which was drifting offshore with another kayaker in attendance.

The inshore lifeboat Dr Barbara Saunderson with three volunteer crew on board made swift progress around the Little Orme to locate the kayaker who had managed to remain with the drifting kayak. The crew were able to recover the person and kayak and return to shore at Rhos on Sea, to place the casualty into the care of the Llandudno Coastguard team, who were present to provide assistance.

A Llandudno RNLI spokesperson added:

‘fortunately, the rescue occurred in good weather and sea conditions, the kayakers were also well prepared albeit unlucky that the kayak had taken on water. The incident also highlights the wisdom of kayaking with a partner or group in case an accident or problem occurs.’

Pic. Conwy inshore lifeboat/RNLI

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