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‘DECLARING a climate emergency is the easy part,’ campaigners said as they urged councillors to take action against carbon emissions.

A crowd gathered outside County Hall, Haverfordwest, before full council today (Thursday, May 9) to encourage councillors to back a motion to declare a climate emergency in the county.

It follows recent declarations of the need for urgent action against global warming by the Welsh and UK governments, as well as other councils across the country.

Cllr Joshua Beynon’s motion calls on Pembrokeshire County Council to commit to become a zero carbon local authority by 2030.

A petition of more than 1,100 signatures was handed to Cllr Cris Tomos and Cllr Beynon by children at the protest.

Cllr Tomos said it was time to make “every effort in Pembrokeshire to bring carbon levels down and influence climate change for future generations.”

Organiser of the demonstration Jon Hudson said he took on the responsibility of getting everyone together because of the importance of tackling a climate emergency.

Mr Hudson is involved with local Extinction Rebellion groups, which meet in Narberth and Haverfordwest, and are “empowering people” to do what they can to fight climate change.

Chris Samra of Transition Bro Gwaun said that groups across the county had been working together, inspired by Greta Thunberg and her speech to MPs in April.

“She was just so inspiring. We’ve been working in our own little, quiet, ways but she made us realise we need to be shouting louder,” she added.

Brian Jackson, who set up the petition, said that it had been time to deal with environmental damage for a long time but recent events in London has shown “we’ve got to start telling the truth and really go for it.”

He added: “As in all things the devils in the details, declaring an emergency is easy it’s actually making a difference that’s the thing.”

Following today’s decision to declare a climate emergency workshops are planned with councillors and experts to plan how Pembrokeshire can reduce its carbon footprint for future generations.


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