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CALLS have been made for a street in Cardiff to be named after a man who was wrongly convicted of murder.

Senedd Member for South Wales Central, Rhys ab Owen, has asked Cardiff Council about the possibility of getting a street in Butetown named after Tony Paris, one of the Cardiff Three, who recently died aged 65.

Mr Owen made the request on behalf of Tony’s daughter, Cassie Parris, who said having a street named after her father in Butetown would mean “everything”.

“[My dad] wouldn’t want people to forget what happened,” said Cassie.

“If I could do anything for my dad, it would be that. I don’t think there is any other way I can pay tribute to him.

“I know he went through so much and we have been through so much. Everyone who has supported the guys and the Cardiff Three – it is in everyone’s history.”

In a 90-second statement at the Senedd, Mr Owen said: “To mark his passing she would like to see a street named after him in  his beloved Butetown.

“Tony Paris championed justice for himself and others. This world is a poorer place without him.”

Tony, along with Stephen Miller and Yusef Abdullahi, was wrongly convicted of the murder of Lynette White, whose body was found at a flat on James Street, Butetown, in February 1988.

The three men were jailed in 1990, but it wasn’t until two years later that their convictions were quashed at the Court of Appeal.

An apology was made by South Wales Police 10 years ago.

A man called Jeffrey Gafoor was eventually arrested and admitted murdering the 20-year-old Ms White. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2003.

Mr Owen made a heartfelt tribute to Mr Paris in his statement. He added:

“As a young boy I remember the protests for justice for the Cardiff Three.

“I also remember the persisting gossip surrounding them and as a young  barrister hearing the former police officers still saying in open court that the three were guilty of murder.

“And despite receiving full apologies from South Wales Police, the corruption trial against the former police officers collapsed due to missing evidence that was later discovered.

“Injustice for Tony Paris did not finish when he walked out of the prison gates.

“His wrongful imprisonment had a detrimental impact on his health – he went from a happy-go-lucky man to becoming a recluse.”

Cardiff Council is responsible for the naming of all streets and roads in the city and a step by step process has to be followed before any approval is given.

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