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Calls for Welsh Conservatives to “show courage” over Christmas Party Scandal

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have called on Welsh Conservatives to “show courage” over the scandal that has emerged over the alleged parties held in Downing Street and other Government departments last December, at a time most of the country was under lockdown.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS is asking Welsh Conservative MPs to be “frank and honest” with their constituents and state publicly whether they think a party took place and if they think it did, to “do the right thing” and submit a motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson to the 1922 Committee.

The call comes as the fallout from the alleged Christmas party continues to grow with the Prime Minister’s former spokesperson Allegra Stratton quitting her role last night and three snap polls showing the majority of British people think Boris Johnson should resign as Prime Minister.

Commenting Jane Dodds stated:

“The scandal we’ve seen over the last few days is outrageous. We are now not only talking about one party but reports of multiple others as well.

“After all of the sacrifices Welsh people have had to make throughout the pandemic, to laugh at them and take them for fools. It’s despicable.

“People across Wales experienced the most horrible Christmas last year, many isolated and alone, whilst some lost family members and weren’t even able to properly comfort them in their last hours.

“Welsh Conservative MPs now need to show integrity and courage and ask themselves if they want to be linked to this incompetent and disrespectful Prime Minister.

“I am immediately asking Welsh Conservative MPs to publicly clarify the following things:

1) Were they involved in any Christmas Parties last year, whilst the rest of the country was in lockdown?

2) Do they think a party was held in Downing Street on December 18?

3) If a Party was held on December 18, will you do the right thing and submit a motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson to the 1922 Committee.

“If Welsh Conservative MPs have any integrity they should seriously be asking whether or not Johnson and those that surround him are fit to lead the country, especially after they have damaged public trust in the Government to such an extent.”


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