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OPERATION Lion is a partnership initiative involving Dyfed-Powys Police, British Transport Police, Transport for Wales, Great Western Railway, Pembrokeshire Local Authority and local Licensees, with the aim to ensure public safety and deter anti-social behaviour, low level public order and drink related problems, to make Tenby a pleasurable place to visit over the forthcoming summer months.

Under Operation Lion, which will run every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday in Tenby from Saturday 20th July 2019 to Sunday 1st September 2019, more police resources will be dedicated to the area to help cope with the increase of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour the town experiences over the summer.

Tenby Inspector, Gareth Thomas said:

“Towns like Tenby get busier during the summer season with the influx of holiday makers to the area, so we will have additional staffing resources from the division drafted in for patrols, as well as dedicated PCSOs. The population rises from the 5,000 mark to around 60,000 over the holiday period so it’s a different town to police.

“As a seaside town there is the inevitable crossover of families with young children out in the day enjoying the shops, attractions and beaches, and early afternoon and evening drinkers frequenting the pubs and bars. That’s our main concern, the cross-over of those revellers mixing with the daytime economy, and with Operation Lion we want to ensure that we provide a safer environment and reassurances on the streets with more foot patrols, where officers can adopt a ‘walk and talk’ approach to ensure a higher visible presence is maintained at all times.”

Dyfed-Powys Police has worked with British Transport Police and Transport for Wales to help people coming to Tenby by train get to and from the town safely. Police officers from both forces will be on the trains and the platform on weekends, to help deal with the large numbers of people who use the service.

Inspector Thomas added:

“Historically the trains have been a problem with individuals arriving to the town already intoxicated, but we’ll be working jointly with the British Transport Police once again to patrol this aspect and stopping people from getting on the trains bound for Tenby in the first place, if their behaviour is not acceptable and they are drunk or under the influence of intoxicants. The feedback we had from this last year was very well received and we’ll look to continue this good work.”

Sergeant Steve Dawkins of British Transport Police said:

Over the last few years we have successfully worked alongside Dyfed Powys Police, Transport for Wales, Great Western Railway and the Local Authority ensuring everyone who visits Tenby can have an enjoyable & memorable time. Tenby is a great place to visit with many attractions and events being held throughout the summer months.”

“Our priority is to ensure that those using the rail network at this busy time can do so safely.  Therefore, if you see additional police officers on patrol remember we are there to make sure that all revellers arrive and leave the festivities safely.”

“Our message is clear we do not want to spoil anyone’s evening, although we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or any form of aggression towards rail staff.  Anyone who is found to be unfit through alcohol will be refused travel and could find themselves in front of the court.”

A spokesperson from Great Western Railway said:

“GWR is committed to maintaining the safety of our staff and passengers on board our services, and we are delighted to be working with our partners at Dyfed Powys Police, the British Transport Police, and TFW on this project.

“Earlier this summer we reintroduced our seasonal services to Pembroke Dock, now operating with new Intercity Express Trains and providing almost 25% more seats than the train they have replaced – ensuring even more people can enjoy this beautiful part of the country in a memorable and safe environment.”

Simon Turton, Security Manager at Transport for Wales commented:

“We want all our customers young and old travelling to and from Tenby to feel safe using our services.

“It’s a beautiful town to visit and we want our customers to make fantastic memories there, not spoilt by antisocial behaviour.

“So working closely with our partners in British Transport Police and local police services we are delighted to be supporting Operation Lion. “This will play a massive part in deterring anti-social behaviour so people can enjoy a pleasurable trip in peace.

Police Schemes in Tenby include:

PCs and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) can direct a person to leave an identified area if their behaviour is unacceptable. Not to comply when directed can lead to arrest under Section 35 of the of the Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Behave or be Banned (BOBB): Police and licensees can ban someone for between one and twelve months. People arrested for offences in licensed premises can be considered for a ban from all participating venues in the area.

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