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AMERICA being a vast country with varying time zones means that polls close in waves across the country.

So for example some key eastern ”swing states”will begin to declare results as other western states are still voting.

By midnight GMT polls will close in Georgia. Should Biden win the state he will almost be President. The last time the Democrats won the state was in 1992.

Next up will be North Carolina.

Next will be Florida When polls close at 1.00 GMT – a key state and a very important. Should Biden win Florida then it is game over. However if Trump wins, it will be a long night, or maybe even a long few days.

Also at 1.00 polls close in Pennsylvania and most east coast states, but it will take much longer there for the postal votes to be counted. So in the early stages Trump could be in the lead as most of his voters would have done so on the day.

2.00 GMT Polls close in Texas, and the Democrats have been daring to dream they might win for the first time since 1976. Should Biden win it’s definitely game over.

Minnesota stops voting at the same time, and if the night is going much better than expected for Trump, this is his most plausible pick-up.

3.00 GMT Polls close in Arizona, the most important western state. Trump won last time and no Democrat has won there since 1996. This year Biden is ahead in the opinion polls. Trump most probably needs victory here to keep the White House. However late postal votes will not be reported until Thursday or Friday. If result is close the final outcome will hang in the balance for days.

4.00 GMT Final polls close on the mainland in the three west coast states, but they are all safely Democratic.

If by 6.00 GMT or so the result is not clear, it is highly likely that it will be contested in the courts over days or weeks.

As of 2:20 am Biden was leading 89 to Trump’s 51.

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