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AN application to swap touring caravans for static pitches previously declared “dead” was resubmitted but refused.

In September planning committee chairman Cllr Jacob Williams said a proposal to change 20 touring pitches and 10 tent pitches to 20 static pitches, at New Park Caravan could be resubmitted as a fresh application.

At December’s planning committee on Tuesday (December 10) a proposal to visit the site was voted down before councillors voted in favour of the officer recommendation of refusal, by seven votes to four, with one abstention.

Cllr Michael Williams had welcomed the “resurrection” of the application.

Planning agent Gerald Blain said a community building, housing a shop, would be provided and argued that a footpath alongside the site linked it with Martletwy.

Martletwy Community Council supported the application.

No details of the what the community building would be used for were provided and committee chairman Cllr Jacob Williams asked for further reassurance that it would be provided.

The application resulted in 21 letters of representation, 17 of which are a
photocopied letter which has been signed by 30 people.

An objector spoke at Tuesday’s meeting but did not wish to appear on the webcast.

Concerns in the report to committee included road safety, increase in crime noise pollution and impact on wildlife.

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