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Carmarthen School of Art students exhibition influenced by environmental and social issues

THANKS to the work of some of the students at Carmarthen School of Art you can now learn about the bees and environmental issues through art.

The Foundation Degree course held a Private View of the Foundation Degree Course exhibition on Friday, (Jun 14) at the Jobswell Campus and the environment featured heavily in the work on display.

From drawings, to paintings, sculpture, fashion and multimedia installations, a lot of it was influenced by issues affecting young people today. Environmental issues like the volumes of plastic polluting the oceans to the destruction of habitats for birds and bees. There were human issues like ‘period poverty’, which also featured in one installation.

According to some of the lecturers the work has cleverly reflected issues faced by young people today. Clever use of plastic, melted and sculpted into fascinating pieces of art. Home décor made from recyclable materials including bags knitted from plastic.

Andy Griffiths (pictured) who lectures on the sculpture course said: “This is their first step on their career as artists. Art is important in our society and these kids are on the first rung on that ladder. There is a huge interest in plastics in the ocean. It is an ironic look at the world and they are pushing the boundaries.

Steven Hughes (pictured) programme leader who is leaving the college for new pastures said: “It is full of youth and vibrancy. It has been one of those years where they have explored the fun aspect but there has been a serious side as well. If you look at the projects we have you have people focusing on world issues and local issues.”

“We have someone knitting with plastic bags. We are seeing that as a trend throughout the work. I am really excited that our students are on the cutting edge and talking about things that are affecting us all globally. Our students are 18 or 19 by enlarge but they understand what is happening around them in the world and that is reflected in their work.”

Assistant Head of the school Carol Gwizdak (pictured) said: “A lot of the students have worked on projects that have been close to their hearts. Family concerns and environmental concerns have been big this year. They are passionate and it is interesting to see how they visualise their ideas. They express themselves and they always get to the stage where they realise their ideas are important. We have had students working all over the world in architecture, fashion and design. We emphasise the skill bases of what we teach. They are very employable by the time they leave us. We do a lot of enterprise modules as they go through.”

The Fashion & Textiles degree courses at Carmarthen School of Art are validated by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

They have been placed at t number one on the Guardian league tables and 7th in the UK for Design Crafts and 8th for Art.

A number of students received awards for their outstanding contribution on their related courses throughout the year.

The exhibition is open until 21st June. It is open all week, late Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

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