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Carmarthen town centre to benefit from more streamlined planning process

CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council has adopted a Local Development Order (LDO) for Carmarthen Town Centre to support a more streamlined planning process, making it easier for developers to take over empty shops or buildings.

The order is intended to help attract investment to the area, and to support existing businesses by giving certainty for developers, reducing timescales and reducing the costs associated with making a planning application.

In addition, it will help shape and guide development through the challenges faced as a result of Covid-19.

Bringing empty shops back into use in Carmarthen is one of the key priorities for the council as well as addressing the impact and implications arising from Covid-19.

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Council Leader, Cllr Emlyn Dole, said:

“An LDO can contribute to local economic development and regeneration, helping make places more attractive and competitive. They simplify the planning process by removing the need for planning applications, allowing developers to progress with more speed and certainty whilst reducing costs. In town centres, LDOs can help address the problem of vacant properties to achieve more viable and vibrant centres. They allow for specified changes of use to take place without the applicant having to apply for traditional planning permission. They also have the capacity to exclude certain use classes from taking place.”

“It is vital that Carmarthen Town Centre is able to respond positively to the changes arising from Covid-19 and the adoption of the LDO will make it easier for developers to move forward with their plans as well as encouraging ongoing and new investment in the town centre.”

An LDO has recently been adopted in Ammanford.

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