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Carmarthenshire Council calls for action on Japanese knotweed

Carmarthenshire Council have unanimously voted to take action against private landowners who fail to tackle Japanese Knotweed and invasive non-native plants on their land.

A motion was tabled by Cllr Rob James called on the Plaid Cymru and Independent Cabinet to reverse their decision to not respond to or taking any formal action with regards to requests on private properties regarding other invasive non-native plants and start utilising Community Protection Notices (CPNs) to support tackling the issue of knotweed on private land causing a detrimental impact residents in many Carmarthenshire communities.

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 gave powers to Councils to issue CPNs to tackle knotweed on private land that has a detrimental effect on the quality of life of the locality and is persistent and unreasonable.

Carmarthenshire Labour Leader, Cllr Rob James, has campaigned on the issue for the last four years, having been contacted by local residents who have lost tens of thousands, as a direct result of inaction by a local landowner.

As part of the campaign, the Lliedi Councillor utilised a drone to take video footage of the dense knotweed in the land adjacent to Heol Goffa School to show the Council the impact it is having on local results.

Cllr Rob James stated, “After years of campaigning, I am thrilled to see that Plaid Cymru and Independent Councillors have accepted the need to take action against private landowners who fail to manage and eradicate knotweed and other invasive non-native plants on their land when it impacts other residents.

“Many residents have had their life blighted in Carmarthenshire, due to this Council’s refusal to take action, and this unanimous vote will I am sure provide some hope that the situation will improve.

“I will now lobby the Cabinet to ensure that CPNs will be used against negligent landowners as soon as possible.”

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